Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Expirience in Ybor City, Tampa

I did my trip to the city of the tobacco factories, which had been famous from the latter decades of the XIX Century. I could realized the presence of: Cubans Heritage in the area, and how important was the Cuban's approach, and Americans as well, for the economy of the Florida, and the United States. But today, we can find some kind of uses of the name of the Cubans Cigars as biases to attract people from all over the world, that as a tourists, come to enjoy and buy their cigars to share with friends and families the flavor and blends in each delightful expiration of smoking, in the famous American city of cigars and latin culture. But unfortunately, the presence of the Hispanic culture is declining, while the pragmatic commercialism is gaining advantages of the ones, really justify fame of the Latin exposures of the skill as a manufactures of the industry in the place. Ybor City is a wonderful place with their shops, bars, nightclubs, and museums that develop the tourism in the zone.


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