Monday, December 31, 2012

Auto biography of Nicolas Enrique Chavez Manduley

Nicolas Biography

Hello class, my name is Nicolas Chavez, and my passion always has been to become in a professional writer, but for many reasons I dropped this passion in favor of my ideas, and later in favor of my living responsibility. Probably I am the elder of the entire class; I am turning to sixty six year old, but I feel great, and it is now when I have the wonderful opportunity to do what I like most. For me is pretty easy to write in Spanish, and I already have written some interesting story threw my novels. I have some of them already finished, and others in progress, but I already have a published one “Jose El Cubanazo” Obviously I am a Cuban, Nationalized American, and I am very proud of my two Countries. I grew up my daughter here in Florida since she was eight year old, and now she is also turning into another year of an interesting life here in America, as a successful professional attorney. But now is my turn, and I am planning to obtain a bachelor degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment and I will keep on doing important things. I am trying to learn how to play guitar, I love it, and I also have three music compositions; Kinds of boleros sons, or pups, some like that. I am sure that once I finish my bachelor, I will go to have my master degree also, because is better to have an interesting live, than a boring one; I truly like to be ready for any change and opportunity. I am someone who always likes to learn from my surrounding. Also share my experience with others. I grew up in my country Cuba as a farmer boy. I used to milk cows, ride horses, and pick up cattle. In this condition, it was so hard for me attempt to school, but I always try to learn from whatever paper a found in my way; in this way I learned how to read, and also a basic arithmetic which served me a lot, when finally I could start to school at last. I was already thirteen years old when it happened, and it gave me the chance to start in second grade after had past a test. Three years after, I finished my elementary and then I went to the junior high school equivalent in my country, but soon I was incorporated to the military service, where I spent three years. It allows me to received some training which gave me the chance to learn vocational knowledge but without any kind of credits. Those training allow me to create the bases for my progress, and then I took my advantage when I came with my family to this Country. No long after, I did my GED which I past with very good grades, and now that my daughter has growth, and is the mother of two wonderful boys, and a professional attorney. I have thought that my time had come turning my life in a professional writer from Full Sail University.

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