Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“Follow Behind the hazy star”

“Follow Behind the hazy star” By Nicolas Chavez Follow Behind the hazy & the fast magic star Lighting soul in my kind spirit, Hurry struggling for survives in the midst of our kind Loving from nature the artistic ritual, Which moves around & staying fighting. Suffering what is not common? Enjoying the pleasure of revives The soul of the ghosts Orchid. Stands in the forest of my deep sympathy, Exhausting sapience & restarts from the obscure. The shooting light in exact momentum Around & around & around elliptic. Fogging grassland by burning the faiths Inside stream of blooding vines in disorder Enticing livers destroying heart. I didn’t reach the star, Running into full darkness. Transmutes dilution lightning When it diffused into the forest, Unbiased became Ghost Orchids into soul, Dispersing the specimen. How can survive in the deep swamp, Antiques of the remaining Keeps as alien? Why’ll you trying to hazy Which is into its lighting. Mostly I wanted be shoot with you Left at the cold cemetery. Surround by ghosts & not by marvel goddess, Nor nymphs with flowing veils. Why wont take my blood? Feed the gods like aqueous. & The Trojans’ setting along shores? Troy wouldn’t be minus Helen! The Aqueous wouldn’t receive Glory. OH, God how I reach the light? Oh God how I can reach the Star? How I could have this star setting.


Interiors by Maite Granda said...

Que grande eres Amigo!!! No te basta ser bueno en la literatura de Cervantes....ahora le haces competencia a Shakespeare......muy bonita....me ha encantado.

Interiors by Maite Granda said...

Que bonita Nico.....impresionante como te puedes inspirar en ambos idiomas tan bien.....adelante amigo, eres un genio.