Saturday, July 5, 2014

“HOW IS APPLIED THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS?” By Nicolas Chavez May/17/2014 “MIAMI DADE BUILDING DEPARTMENT” Which should be the function of this important department in relation with the voter citizens? Right now, the construction development is almost banished, just a few building remains in construction on the area, and if we go back to the dwelling states growth and residential is found to be nothing important neither productive. The inspector officials’ supervisors and their surrogate’s supervisors, or simple inspectors have nothing, or almost nothing to do. They really are trained to save their work against the elector’s interest that also is the county budget safety protection. Nevertheless, the politicians always are very ingenious and creative by uncovered old papers, looking for money that they are always hungry. What is the newimplemented trend? Easy, they spend their time and the citizens’ money, appearing being concerned in the welfare of the people. This apparently preoccupation is intended to improve the citizens’ way of life. But is not, this is an old conceived idea, or strategy for milking the people money with a supposedly good faith, and good will. Hypocrisy!!! What is the real reason for this particular falseness of the politicians, and functionaries that are intended to be working for the protection of their neighborhood? It’s not only a matter of serving the population, as much as, they use to say. No, They only think in to obtain power for them to abuse by harassing the people they are committed to protect, as the electorates that supposedly sustain the democracy during the elections periods. The lack of work and money, have forced The County, and municipalities to implement all kind of technicalities for robbing every single individual and family. Using whatever causes and threatening against the Citizens to undermined their already scarcity economy. Those above any consideration are forced to accept mistreatment and selfishness attitudes, of the so-called “Inspectors.” This is without considering the fact that ethically, the homestead owner people should not pay property tax for their residences. Only, if is for business, and also the uncountable businesses that are in Miami Dade, should produce enough money for the exclusion of the homestead owners tax payments, independently of any age. Every Citizen should be entitle by the national laws to have a personal portion of their nation land as an effect of their property rights; first of all, when this land represent his homestead, and the right to inheritance for his/her future generations patrimonies. As is explained in some of the envelopes the Miami Dade County, it resembles the condition of predator they have together with the whole State, when The department of Code Enforcement and Appeals inscribe: “Regulatory and Economic Resources Board Administration Section 11805 SW 26th Street Room 230 Miami Florida 33175-2472” This emblematic envelops sign shows the scavenger nature of the politicians, and the so called public’s functionaries. They are prompt to enforce these prevaricates and disrupting actions. “Celebrate those who protect our liberty” John F. Kennedy

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